Experienced advice needed for byb puppy

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I have posted a few forums and have stated in each one this is my 1st puppy I am raising. I always adopt dogs that are 1.5 yrs or older.

Well my baby Kira is 6 weeks and 3 days. I now know what a byb is and even though some people are mad I got her that way, I don’t feel too bad because the way I see it, my husband’s heart was in the right place and in a way we saved Kira. When we got her she was 4lbs at 6 weeks (not 8 weeks as we were told) no shots, had worms, malnourished, and hip and rib bones were showing. She now is eating better, got all her shots updated till next visit, dewormed, a little fatter and in a safe home warm home, not a box in a cold garage.

Well I have been told everything by everyone about crate training and puppy training.

So I went with the advice from a lady I met in Petco and has a 5 year old Doberman who she raised since 5 weeks. She told me to buy baby gates and put it in the hall way that way when I get her ears cropped she’ll have enough room to move around and the cone won’t get caught and also it will help with her separation anxieties. Then after the cone comes off crate train her; it’s a better way to train the puppy. Seemed legit to me becuase of how big cones are.

Well when I put her in the baby gate pen when I am home doing dishes to get her use to it, she cries and starts biting at the gate. So I am trying to praise her when she is quiet for 30 seconds. When I go to the gym though however she cries up a storm and when I take her out she crawls on my lap. I try to put her next to me but she just climbs back up on my lap. She listens to me very well when I say no or “ah” she stops what she is doing, but she follows me everywhere. If she can’t get up on my lap she will cry. I think she is becoming too attached to me because she is young and I don’t want her as an adult to have severe separation anxieties. I know she is a puppy and she sees me as her mommy, but is it healthy?

Can someone on here who has raised Doberman puppies and is VERY experienced with Dobermans give me some advice please?

I have watched a lot of youtube videos and put aside my college homework a bit so I can learn what to do and how to make her comfortable and It’s not working.

I bought two types of kong’s (bone shaped and regular cone) I bought a big ball and a small ball, a small rope and a large rope and a squeaky toy for her. I put treats in the kong when I put her in the pen, but she ignores it and tries to escape like she is going to be murdered or something.

This is my first puppy and my first Doberman. Experienced advice would be more than appreciated. I put some pictures here so you can see my set up and Kira.