My dobie wont listen

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Help!!! My 7 month old male dobie wont listen to the No or down commad. We had a male doberman previously for 11 years and had no problems training at all. We've been training for 3 months now with no success. He will sit, stay until told and walks at our side with no problems. He wont listen at all when we tell him no or no down when jumping on people. Please help!!!!

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Well, have you said "NO" in a manner that is sharp or tried an "AH-AH!" how is your posture when you're reprimanding?  It is very important to make sure they know it is a negative, not something to be ignored.  Be consistent and don't just say "No, no, no, no no..." without any corrections they do learn to tune you out.

The jumping on people requires you to be more physical with them.  Steve got into the bad habit of leaping on people because my boyfriend encouraged it and now that Steve is almost 75 pounds it isn't fun to have him leap up anymore.  I put his leash on with his prong collar (it's what I use to correct him to walk nicely) and when he goes to jump, I correct, tell him to sit, and then praise him like crazy when he is sitting.  Every single time I think he is in a position where he will jump on people I put the leash on him and we work on his "manners".

One thing you can't do is give up but also you need to assess what you are doing.  More often than not it is our inability to correctly enforce our rules or teach what we want. 

Training isn't something that ever stops.  Even when they're older, they'll need retraining, guidance, etc.  :)  So just get used to working with the pup!

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I was just having the same thought regarding the owner's reactions about 5 minutes ago!

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rocky very rarely will try to jump, we never allowed that except for when Tye and him are outside playing rough. Then and only then is jumping up allowed....


When he tries I simply raise my knee at him then completely ignore him and walk by...he would usually hit it with his chest and get pushed back a bit.  Doesn't take long at all for them to learn that doesn't get them anything but a thump in the chest.  Now he greets me turning in circles with his little nub going in a blur.....stopping every few turns to lick and nuzzle my hand as I pet him.


I encouraged my friends to do the same with their knee at him to so he also learned jumping was not acceptable to others either.

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I have heard that turning your back to the dobe and ignoring them completly until they sit (then click if using clicker training) is an effective way to stop this behavior.


Has anyone had any success with this method?