My dobie hates the car!

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I currently have 2 dobermans, Lola and Jack.  Lola LOVES the car and is always ready for a car ride anytime, any place.  She also loves riding in the seat on the back of the mower, the 4-wheeler, and going out in the fishing boat.  She would be a great companion for a cross-country trip!  Jack on the other hand, hates everything about the car, especially when it's moving. Even short trips are miserable for him and everyone else.  He whines and cries (loudly) for the entire round trip.  We've taken Jack for car rides to fun places~ down by the river, McDonalds drive-up for plain cheeseburgers, etc.  Does anyone have any good ideas?

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Some dogs just don't enjoy car rides. Period.  I have a rat terrier that has panic attacks every time she gets in the car for any reason at all.  She shakes, pants, drools, is wide-eyed....she honestly acts like she's about to blow up.  On the other hand, my other 4 dogs LOVE going anywhere in the car.  Especially my doberman.  She gets upset when I go somewhere and she cant go.

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I had a Dobie who only ever went really fun places and he would pace and pace and almost scream the whole time. Did a nine hour car ride with him a couple of times. He sure did tire himself out! I've heard of some people who will sit with their dogs in the car and read or put on music and just sit. In the driveway. Ignoring the dog. Maybe a stuffed kong or something to keep him busy?

Also, I would highly advice against letting a pooch near a lawn mower while it's mowing. I work in manufacturing and there was a guy who would do safety training with us twice a year and who would show us the most graphic photo's imaginable. One of the worst was a toddler that had fallen off a riding mower (while an adult has him on his lap) and basically had to have most of his appendages sewn back on. Even after all of that, one of my employee's ran over his own foot while mowing. He was earing flip flops so you can imagine. You didn't specifically say 'the back of the mower WHILE mowing,' but something I would highly advise against, regardless!

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I don't know if this is his problem with cars, but it's worth it to look into! Growing up, my family had a dog that would cry and whine nonstop while in the car. We had a friend suggest that he might actually be getting carsick (he was not strapped in and would face backwards the whole ride). My parents kind of rigged a harness (this is before doggy seat belts were well advertised), so he he would have to sit in the seat facing frontwards. Although it didn't "cure" him conpletely, it decreased his crying significantly! So if you aren't using a doggy seatbelt, maybe try it to see if he feels better, not being able to look backwards.