My Beaux is snapping at our other dogs!

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I got Beaux almost a year ago through SPBDR. He was three months when I got him. I also have a 16yr F Aussie, a 5yr F Chiquaua, a 1.5yr M English Bulldog all spayed/neutered. I also have 6 cats. A few months ago Beaux started growling at the others when they would walk by when he'd be on the couch, or in his bed. It's gotten worse than that now. He snapped at the chiquaua and got her. She has several stitches. Tonight he snapped at the Aussie when she walked up behind him luckily he didn't get her. Not sure how to handle this. Please offer anything helpful that you can, I'd very much appreciate it. 

I would say that the first thing you need to do is to do a full vet check with full bloodwork up - including thyroid panel. 

If that all looks normal, I would say that he is coming into adulthood - is he neutered? Dobermans are notoriously same sex aggressive, but can also just be dog aggressive. It is possible that he is just not going to do well living with so many other animals. He may do better as an only dog. Talk to the rescue you got him from.