Help! My Dobie is Biting her Toenails!

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My 4 yr. old dobie bites her toenails and she can be heard munching them from 2 rooms away!  She is an active dog, but not generally an anxious dog. She doesn't do it obsessively, every day; she does it a few times a week, while she's relaxing.  Lola has plenty of chew toys and other distractions available to her, so I don't believe she's bored.  Once she begins biting her nails she won't stop without an intervention from us, or until she tires ~ whichever comes first.  Does anyone know of any deterrents or some  type of product that can be applied to her nails to discourage her?

My 9 year old male like to chew on his back nails. I've found that the one thing that keeps him from doing it is keeping them dremeled nice and short. I round them off so that there are no rough edges.