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My dobie girl is now one year old and we are far away from where i excpected to, as i've read a lot of how smart these dogs are supposed to be.

Have used approx 50 hours to train her to walk beside the bicycle when i'm riding. Progressed traing slowly. She gets hyper and bites in shoes, front wheel, hands, bar, lash. No progress whatsoverer, absolutely no progress.
Walking with leash, 90/10 ok/terrible. Lot of effort put in, a normal walk is 20min loose leash and 10minutes traing. Nervous to new sounds, no reaction on sounds from car traffic.
Taking her for a 4km run/jog in the woods, after some initial problems - excelent behauvior now. Very nice
Recall is excelent when there is no distractions, not good with distractions.
Easy trix like jump, sit and bark is no problem at all
At night when she is sleepy, she gets hyper. I hold her firmly at my lap in the sofa for 2minutes and then she is calm and ready to sleep.

She like to sit by the local roundabout and sniff/watch passing cars :)

She gets at least one hour walk every day, and a day at the dogpark at least once a week. For now i'm trying to give her a 4km easy run in the wood three times a week

When should i excpect her to "calm down" and be real solid Dobermann without all this hypermodes coming and going ?

My previous dogs are
Boarder collie and springer spaniel mix, was far more easy to train, by far
Flatcoated Retriever - far easier in every concern, but not the smartest guy around
Labrador Retriver - far easier in every concern

She is really still very much a baby/teenager at one year of age, and I think you might be expecting a lot of her too soon. Also, their bones are not done developing till about 18 months of age, so forced exercise like bike riding or running on hard surfaces is NOT good for her.  Free running on grass/soft surfaces is fine as are nice walks. 

Have you taken her to any training classes yet? A professional trainer might be able to help you with some of the issues you describe. 

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When should i excpect her to "calm down" and be real solid Dobermann without all this hypermodes coming and going ?


Healthy Dobermans move around a lot and 'do stuff'. This is good.



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I think I'd much rather have an energetic Doberman than a lazy one. 

How has he been since?