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We’ve had a 10 month old Doberman for 5 weeks and he’s a little sweetheart apart from when he’s off the lead he chases joggers and cyclists. He isn’t aggressive to them just chases and barks at them and then he’s so worked up he’s almost impossible to get hold of and get back on the lead. We are working on his recall at the moment and we’ve tried food, balls, whistles, squeakers, toys but nothing will break that focus once he sees a jogger or cyclist. 

In every other way he’s learning things so quickly and he’s so eager to please us except for this issue. I know it will take some time but I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for us. Thank you



I'd advise not letting him off leash in public until you have a strong recall. Not sure where you are from as running off leash in public is mostly illegal in the states.