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Hi all, this is just a little FYI that I wanted to pass along.  Most people might already be aware of all this, but some of it was news to me so I figured better safe than sorry.  You never know what information might help save another dog.

Of course, dogs aren't people.  And everybody knows it's safest for their diet to consist of ONLY dog foods.  Then again we all know they get into things they're not supposed to, and occasionally we fall victim to those sad eyes looking to the unfinished lunch...  I think we all know the "No Chocolate for Dogs" rule.  I had even heard about the onion toxicity (I witnessed that one first hand with a vet trip and my Golden after a BBQ with well meaning kids).

But these were news to me.  I found the sugar free gum especially disconcerting!  Please read the links and pass it along to all of your dog loving friends.

Sugar Free Gum: http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/xylitol.asp
Grapes & Raisins & Macadamia Nuts: http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/raisins.asp

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Great tips. I would also like to ad a link to toxic plants that may be around the house.http://www.dogpack.com/health/poisonplants.htm

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the boys do not get people food...but that has not stopped them from wanting it...re chocolate....alternative that we used for our girls ..rip.....we used to make carob drops for their bedtime treat.....melt the carob...its just like chocolate...and make lil drops...a wonderful non toxic treat for your dog......maybe the boys will want big drops...they havent had any yet...but our last four dogs enjoyed them every night....be well all....