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My name is Ashley and I have two rescued American Pit Bull Terriers, Zues and Caine.  Me and my boyfriend have been talking sometime about adding a new dog to our house hold.  Well we dog set a doberman and loved her energy and personality.  We want another very active dog.  Only one of our pittie babies are active, Caine is just a couch potatoe.  My boyfriend has always wanted  a doberman, but we've always kindof been into rescuing the pits.  So now we are looking, but I want to make sure that I can find out everything I possibly can before I adopt.  Hopefully you guys can help me with what to expect and how to make sure I don't buy from a byb!!

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Hi Ashley, welcome.

It's great you plan to take your time in finding a good breeder. Have you read the Buying a Puppy articles? There are a lot of bad Doberman breeder...

There are plenty of rescue Dobermans too. Sometimes they turn out well but other time, like with any dog, the abuse they've taken causes bad behavioral problems.