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Mason is a little over 5 months now. His ears stand great for a day but then one ear starts to look relaxed the next day or so. How long do you tape for until you are done?

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Hi Rielysmama,

I would bet money that they are ready to leave alone. He's still teething and that can cause drooping. They always look a little funny for a couple weeks after you stop taping, since they aren't able to use them all taped up. Do you have some pictures?

You could try leaving them untaped for a few days and see what happens. As long as they don't fold you can tape them up again without any damage. Massaging them is good too.

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My pup was taped for 7 weeks, when I took the tape off, a couple days later the ears fell. They looked like a Collie's ears, tipped over at the top. But after a week or so they stood up straight, and have been standing ever since!!