How Much to Feed my 5 month old Dobi Male

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I could use a chart or guidline for the future.  Right now he gets 2 coffee cups of food in the morning and at dinner.  He's 5 months old and about 45lbs.  Is this correct?

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This is always a question of new puppy owners. A chart really isn't helpful. The important thing for puppies is that they would not be allowed to eat too much at once. You should also soak their food so it will expand before they eat it.

Puppies grow fast, at a speed that cycles. One day they may need lots of food and another day not so much. Just be sure he doesn't go hungry OR gorge his little body. As he gets older, and stops growing, you'll get a better feel for his needs. Dogs are all different. Some will eat themselves fat while others will have trouble keeping weight with a full bowl of food 24-7.

Until then just give him food two or three times a day in small portions. If he keeps acting hungry, give him a little more. There's no real math solution.