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Yesterday & last night were horrible in Alabama & northern Georgia!  Here in Kennesaw we just got thunderstorms but for those of you in the paths of the tornados...

PLEASE CHECK IN SOMEHOW & LET US KNOW YOU ARE SAFE!!!  (When you have time, family & home are 1st)

Chipindob, I'm thinking you might have been in the worst of it but hoping not.  WhoDat, hopefully you are too far south.  Everyone else...

Prayers & positive dobervibes to all

Marti, Brinks & MiLady

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We live in Mississippi and had tornadoes all day yesterday. Thankfully our town didn't sustain much damage but a down about 10 miles down the road from us was leveled. Today people are searching for lost love ones. It's so tragic!!! 

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Thank you for posting this Dabbles, as I watched the news here in Australia I immediately thought of you guys! I too pray that you are all safe and sound and will be checking constantly to hear your are safe!

My prayers are with those who have lost loved ones! Yes newtodobe tragic in deed!

lots of hugs and doberkisses

Sian and Harley

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I have friends that live in Gadsden, AL, just an hour northeast of Birmingham, and I already checked to make sure they are ok.  Horrible tornado devastation in the Tuscaloosa and B'ham areas yesterday evening. I feel so bad for those people.  I saw some video clips of the actual tornado hitting in places. 

Yes, everyone that was in the storm areas, please check in asap.  Storms, tornadoes and high straight-line winds were rampant through the south and midwest yesterday.

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Marti.. I am glad that the thunderstorms are all you got.. thank you for checking in.. Sounds like Angie got hit pretty hard!!. she's on battery power.. SO many of you out there.. have been watching your weather all morning..

Your poor babies.. I know they're terrified as well

many prayers your way

Kate and Sofia

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Thanks Marti- for checking in lets all send our prayers to Angie and her brood!

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Good to hear from you Marti! We are praying and saying thanks with each one, as you all chech in after the storms.

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How awful this all sounds.I'll be thinking of all you guys down south and hoping power outages are the worst you must endure.

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Marti - I was looking to see if you had posted because I know the area north of Atlanta had been affected.

Now we need to find out about WhoDat.

I remember going through southern Mississippi a few months after Katrina (taking my late sister back to Texas after she had fled immediately following Rita) and seeing the destruction along the Interstate. This is far, far worse, and the trees being stripped reminds me of a war zone.

Prayer for all affected.