Our dogs walk yesterday

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We took Bogie and Cooper for a walk through Pet Smart and Pet Co yesterday.

They both got so many compliments for how well behaved they were.  (proud mamma here)

At Pet Co Cooper was offered to do an obstacle course. So I said why not ...

He did Sit,Down,Leave It,Down Stay, and recall and did them all perfectly. He won a little goodie bag. lol  It was actually too easy for him but also a good way to work with him around strangers and distractions.

Cooper started begging for treats as the woman had a treat pouch and treated him and all it took was for me to tell him No Beg and he stopped.

I can`t wait till we can get our Dobe and train her to be so good.  : )  Till then Cooper is sort of like an honorary dobe as he does the nose bumps and will also come put his head on our arm or leg when he wants attention or to go outside. He`s done that since we got him. I have worked Cooper through so much over the years and their training NEVER ends. Both Bogie and Cooper were rescues.(they are australian shepherds possibly cross bred)

Another question I have is this... Has anyone had where one dog is not doing as well and the other one starts taking over alpha dog? Is that a common thing and how did you handle it?

They both know the humans are alpha over them so it is just between the dogs and just stuff like who gets to go out the doors first and what dish they eat from. Mind you we have never dealt with this before from our dogs.We feed them seperately however Cooper keeps trying to eat out of Bogie`s dish.Any insight would be great in how to handle this from those who are more knowledgeable in this sort of thing.

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I have noticed that in the dog world that their has to be an alpha or pack leader. Now of coarse it should be the human.  However when the human isnt around they still require the heirarchy. Its instinctual.  It goes back to their survival instincts. Just like they like to roll in smelly stuff.  The smellier the better. Goes back to survival and hiding their scents from predators. Its okay to just be a bystander. They sound like they are comfortable in their roles to one and other. Im not an expert, I have just had alot of dogs over my lifetime and I read alot. Just some of what I have learned along the way.