One last thing before I go

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D.T. is having a July calendar contest.. This months' theme is head shots..

 I thought of all of you immediately and hope that you enter your preciouses..( It's a word)

 ( Hint to Paul:

I LOVE that shot of Ziva and the rose)

They're picking the top ten entries, and it's really worth a peek to see some incredible photos of some incredible Dobes.

Leaving for five days in just a bit.. Will miss you all.

Much love


Smooches to the Pooches


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Have a great and SAFE 4th of July!  We will miss you, but glad to have you back on US soil for the festivities!  xoxo

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Have fun and be safe. We'll miss you!

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I totally posted on dobermantalk for that contest. :) Thanks for reminding me, Kate!

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Vaya con dios amigos!

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Have a great trip!