A Note From Talisin on the Rottie Adoption

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Hi All,

I haven't posted in a while, I have been very busy with my Mom's shepherd mix. As you may recall I was about to adopt a rottie even had her on the obedience class list and dog beds in my cart online to hit "checkout" when she was due to come home. When out of nowhere my Mom's shepherd mix went down in her hips, resulting in her coming to live with me, ending any possibility of adopting my rottie girl. The rescue organization was truly marvelous in their understanding and will hold my application should things turn around for the better later.

Sweetheart the shepherd mix is doing much better with inside care and daily walks in the yard, she is a quick learner and even at 9 years old immediately learned to go out do her business and come back to the door, we go out with her naturally since she is still weak and off balance but she walks faster than me on crutches and is always at the door waiting for me instead of wanting to stay outside. She has made friends with the black and white cat or rather the cat Fidget fell in love with her instantly and was all over her rolling around and kissing on her, Sweetheart was very gentle with her. Goofy the collie was a different story, Sweetheart is an alpha female and when she met Goofy (she met him when she was a puppy and has played with him but its been awhile) she curled her lip up and Goofy got in his dominant stance and they both had to be called on it, after that they shared a blanket on the floor for a nap.

She still walks with her back legs crossing over each other and what you could refer to as sloppy and floppy from side to side but she is beginning to stablize and walk more sure footed. She isn't sure what the chihuahua is yet and avoids him and vice versa. She may be a problem with the outside cats when she is able to trot or give a slight chase. We will have to really work on that issue.

As for my rottie girl Kee Kee, she has an interested family but so far she is still available for adoption which breaks my heart.  I still haven't had the heart to hit "delete" for her items in the cart online, it just seems so final and I just haven't faced the fact she is not going to live here, I did remove her from the obedience listing in order to free up a space for someone who actually has a dog in the physical sense.

My mom is missing Sweetheart's company and she may decide to attempt to care for her, I guess this falls into the category of "as the stomach churns" and these are the "days of our lives" can't foretell the future so I will hang in there and should an opening come up in the household and Kee Kee is still there guess who is coming home?!!.......


Hug all those Dobes and other critters

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Good to hear from you!!

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Thanks for checking in.. You're in our hearts and prayers.

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It's wonderful to hear from you!  I'm glad that the older girl is settling in.  I think she'd guard you if she could!  She sounds like a sweet dog.  I hate the hip problems... when I was growing up our shepherd had them but she never got to the extreme that your mom's dog is at.

Keep us posted.  I know what you mean about the finality of something.  It doesn't hurt to keep it there because "you never know".