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Hey guys,
You know the kittens are getting older by the minute!!! New pics are ready to be loaded, wait till you see how big they are... Anyway tonight I went to a meeting and a woman I spoke with earlier this month has decided to adopt the momma kitty!!!!! My only concern is that she has another cat that is very docile and doesn't climb or jump so she has been letting that cat out on her balcony (2nd floor apt.) and has installed a short barrier of sorts with no worries from that cat, but I explained that Momma Scrunion is a climber, jumper, and a flight risk, so she is willing to make modifications - I think she will be ok there. I think I am also very concerned just cause we love her so much, I do not want to find out she ran away, climbed out/over and disappeared or got hit by a car.......what is it with people who think that their cats "just have to have" fresh air or be outside??? Cats are very adaptable and can tolerate being inside with NO outside time as long as you let them know it is a NO NO; most of mine have never set foot outside and don't want to.... I would never risk my cats life just so I could say they got a breath of fresh air - it might be their last...... ok so I am worried, but this is a great lady and I know her socially and she has had her cats since they were babies she just lost one due to age and the current one is 12 years old so it's not like she doesn't know about cats. I offered her the playpen the kittens are using (but I was just going to buy a new one to send off) which is designed specifically to allow your cats outdoor time while keeping them safe from escape and she said she would have to think about it????

Tell me this is good news!!! and Scrunion will be fine, I cannot have 9 cats again!!!

And Curiosity's new mom has texted and is out buying toys and as she put it "girlie kitty stuff" - what is girlie kitty stuff???? hahahahaha so Curiosity is going to be SPOILED!!! no worries there...... that will only leave 2 to integrate making us 7 which is manageable but not ideal......