Happy Memorial Day

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 Remember All Who Served this weekend.

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Thank you for posting and bless all of you who have given so much for so many.

You. Are. Heroes!

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Yes I hope everyone had a good day, I had decorated the yard and the porch with swags and flags, and went to the cemeteries and placed flags on the graves of my family and saluted them.

I was very disappointed in the lack of flags or anything patriotic at the local cemeteries in fact my celebration items were the only ones in the cemeteries and those that I drove past I only saw a sprinkling of flags - nothing like it used to be, and the only celebrations in town were only spoken of after the fact, the news never said ahead of time so a person could attend just what happened after the fact.

I feel with this new generation of people that we are losing respect for the horrors and tragedies that our ancestors endured in order for us to all be here....I have even heard people remark that it was "not as bad as it has been portrayed" guess they never sat up with anyone till the wee hours talking about the horrors, or had someone leave the table when rice was set down (reminded him of the maggots in his rations) or leave the house if a ham was brought in (reminded him of the smell of human flesh on the battlefield) guess this new generation will always believe it is blown out of proportion.....the same people who have the nerve to say the holocaust was fake.....until I pass I will always fly the flag and give reverence for those that suffered.....

and we have yet another day that should be celebrated not with fireworks but with respect and reflection but alas it is seen as just another excuse to make loud noise, terrify the animals, and overeat.......I think we should remember what the true meaning is.....