Great Stunt at Train Station.

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This video was shot of a stunt at the Antwerp, Belgium train station at 8:00. Sometimes stunts are unpleasant or even destructive. This one is entertaining and uplifting. Watch the reaction of the crowd as it unfolds, the music starts - Juilie Andrews and "Do, Re, Me" and then the dancers appear, first a couple then two couples, then a third, then increasing numbers until there are about 200.

This was sent to me my a friend via e-mail this morning. So far there are almost 22 million views. I think that qualifies as viral.

Found another video. This unlike Antwerp was a staged event at the Wellington, NZ train station and had been announced. Some passengers where still apparently surprised.

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Love it.. thanks Rick

There have been a few of these floating around, I think they're wonderful!

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That's awesome!  Thanks for posting, that made my day!  It reminds me of one kinda similar they did in Toronto a couple years ago, the whole thing started on Facebook - just goes to show the power of online social networks!

Wes Bos (the first interviewee) is also my cousin

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that's great XDDD i'd love to do that one day. it'd be so awesome.

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So cool! Thanks for sharing guys.  I wish I had captured it on video one day.. but just got a snap on my camera.. of when we had a "Humans vs. Zombies" event on campus.  It was kinda funny to watch all these kids running around pretending to be Zombies for a day.  Too bad my major means I'm stuck in the library 24/7.  ;)