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I am trying to find a vet in our area who will crop our puppy's ears.  We don't actually have her yet, but we are  number 1 pick for the  breeder's next litter which will be sometime in April/May.  Our  breeder is a couple hours from us as is their vet.  I went to the local Doberman Pinscher club website, called two vets recommended on their website and neither vet crops ears anymore.  Any other suggestions on finding a vet?  Also, at what age is it usually done?  Our breeder says between 8 and 10 weeks, but weight also has an impact.  How much should I expect to pay?  Thanks for any suggestions!

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It is getting very difficult to find vets that provide this service. It is the animal rights thing, they claim it is cruel and inhumane. I disagree it is no less cruel than spaying or neutering the animal. The dog is under anesthesia.  That being said , the ears can be done from 6-12 weeks a lot of it depends on the size of the puppy.  Your breeder should be able to refer you to someone to crop the ears or be able to provide this service for you.  Ear cropping can range any where from $350- to $500 and up.  Your only other option is to call every vet in the phone book till you find one that does it.  That does not guarantee you will get a good cut, try to see pictures of their past crops or dogs they have cropped.  Ear cropping is an art and it takes years to become skilled at it.  I am very fortunate as my vet has been doing it for 20 + years.  I wish you luck in your endeavor.

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Hello, Just wondering what area your looking for a vet in?

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Hi every one i just got my first dobie 8 weeks old now i want to get her ears cropped i live in southern MD i was told to contact sally morris @ rocky george in laurel md any one know of another vet in this area tha is good at cropping . My frends sister had a boxer with the floppy ears & bad mites until the cropping . I am sourounded by water where ever i go around and if she goes in the water with my other dogs floppy ears will be a problem around here mites & ear infections (bay , river ,& swamp water is every where)