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Hi again :)  Ok, here are a few things going on with our new boy so far along with some questions.  He'll be 21 weeks on Monday and we brought him home on Wednesday.  He seems to be adjusting really good, plays great with my 4 and 13 year old, and listens really well.  I have already taught him sit, wait, and leave it.  Drop it is much harder :)  He does ok in his crate, seems to cry a lot for the first few minutes than settles down.  My first question is his energy level is very low right now.  Could it be from the change?  He'll romp around the house and chase balls, and when outside would rather lay in the shade.  We are slowly switching his food too.  But he seems to sleep more than anything else.  Growing maybe?  Also from what I understand he shouldn't starting running or jogging anytime soon right?

Yesterday my son had two of his teenage friends over.  Tauchey met them happily sniffing and licking and I was very pleased.  They of course wanted to pet him, and he was fine.  Then, one of my sons friends hit the other one (jokingly) and our boy quickly became sharp  barking and growling.  I corrected right away, but after that he seemed nervous around them.  Could this be from him not being properly socialized when he was younger?  I know that he is very young yet...I just want to keep everything on the right track with him, that's why i'll be on here often with lots of questions :)  Thanks in advance!

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His energy level is normal. Puppies his age, as you said, are growing fast and that's were all their energy goes. You are also correct in limiting exercise. With his fast bone growth strenuous exercise, fast running, and jumping can cause bad problems in later years. In the wild he would spend the whole day in the den waiting for his pack to return with food.

Your situation with the teens was a good example of trauma, or the opposite of socialization. Your Doberman is highly protective and he won't like anything happening that looks scary around any of your kids. Teen age boys are scary just sitting around, and them hitting each other when he first meets them produces a negative experience associated with them.

This shouldn't become a problem, as long as he's allowed to see more young fellows behaving themselves. He'll need to get to know these boys well before he will be comfortable with them hitting each other around his family. He may never like anyone hitting your son though - or he may soon be fine with it. It comes down somewhat to how he views the friends, but more so how he views your son or whoever in your family is around during horse-play. If he sees your son as a strong alpha he will not worry about his friends beating on him - he'll see it as play and figure your son can take them if he needs to. If he senses weakness or feels confused about the situation, he will certainly protect him.

Just keep socializing him and verbally correcting inappropriate anger.