Doberman puppies and cats

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My husband and I are considering getting a Doberman puppy this summer.  We have two cats, both fixed, and were wondering how they will get along with the puppy.  We dogsat for a friend of ours before and were able to at least get an idea of how the cats would react in that situation, since they are housecats and don't go outside.  The 5 year old female was simply curious, but our 10 year old male was fearful and hissed a bit.  My worry is that once we bring our puppy home, the hissing will have a negative effect on the puppy since he would most likely in his fear imprint period.  My question is, how do I prevent this from being a scary situation for my (future) puppy? 

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You don't have to worry about the hissing. Fear imprints are associated with pain or the perception of pain, like something falling near the puppy and making a loud noise, or the puppy actually getting hurt.

We have two cats and three Dobermans. When we had puppy litters, even then, everyone got along well. Puppies can be fairly rough with cats though, so you should be sure to allow the cat a rout of escape, like over a baby gate or onto a sofa. The main thing you have to do is to train the Doberman not to chase the cat. Redirect his impulse to a toy.

The cats will probably hide when the puppy is out at first, but once he starts to mature and sees that the cats are not indestructible like him, they should become good friends. This is assuming you take your time and find a quality breeder who is focused on creating healthy sure tempered Dobermans. In this case, I can't imagine a situation where the cat could do something to cause the Doberman to hate cats. At worst, the cat might give the Dobe a good scratch, but this would most likely be when the Dobe is being to rough - so it might actually be good for him.  ;) The main thing to prevent is chasing. The Doberman has strong prey instincts and you don't want him to associate the cat with a fun game of tag. It's hard on the cat's emotions and the furniture.

In general, the Doberman is good around small animals. They are patient and sure, so they don't get upset with what is obviously a harmless little animal.

A couple other cautions, keep the puppy away from the cat's food. Eating to much of it can make the puppy really sick. Likewise, keep the puppy away from the litter box. I don't understand it, but they like to eat that stuff...  >:(