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Pet Profiles

Here is Vesuvius, our new puppy. He is 9 weeks old now. His ears will be done soon so we will post new pictures then. But for now, here he is with his floppy ears:


-Holly and Cody

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Very good looking pup. Now the fun begins. Some of our members describe Doberman puppies as evil, but they really aren't, they are intelligent (double edged sword), rambunctuous, curious (thank goodness they aren't cats) and loving. They explore everywhere because they want to learn about their world and of course test everything by chewing on it.

They need to be fed about three to four times a day at this age, and keep an eye on the clock and 5 minutes after they have eaten, take them out to potty. Eat - 5 minutes - outside. If you don't have a crate for him yet, seriously consider one for it will make your life easier, and as he grows it will be a place of comfort. I do not start puppies out with pads, but several towels as they are easier to wash.

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He's gorgeous!  Enjoy!

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Pet Profiles

Oh my what a handsome lad! Love those paws and if they're any indication on  his future size, he'll be outgrowing that collar soon.

His markings are beautiful.. Can't wait to watch him grow.. take lots and lots of photos as before you know it, that precious puppy will be a stunning dobe.

Welcome to the forum~

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Pet Profiles

Nice looking pup. Looking forward to pics with ears posted & taped. Oh man, that was a lot of on Sage. His right ear was especially a challenge. Well worth the effort in the end.

BTW, welcome :-D

He is a handsom boy. I see  you decided to go with the black. Looking forward to more pics as he grows.