Tried out 'Doggie Daycare' today with my rescue girl!

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Have been taking my Dobergirls to this HUGE Vet clinic, Dog boarding, doggie daycare, pet spa, etc. facility all in one for a little while to check and chart their weights (not used any other service there except the scale until today) and decided to give their doggie daycare facility a try out with my rescue mutt.

This place is freaking cool. You board a dog or dogs here and they do NOT get stuck in a crate - They get their own private room! Small but still a 'room' instead of a crate! Bigger rooms if you want to keep multiple dogs together for whatever reason. LOL!


I was fairly sure my rescue dog would be fine with most any other dog they had around after seeing how well she gets along with my Dobergirls (and they tend to 'play' a little on the rough side) and I was right. She had a blast with the other dogs today! Seemed to be doing fine as I watched her for a bit before I left for the day and zero reported issues with any other dogs when I picked her up this afternoon. 

My rescue girl is scared of pretty much everything except other dogs and I figured the change in pace and her being in a new environment with new dog butts to smell and new different people (friendly staff people) would be good for her as far as socialization is concerned. They did tell me when I picked her up that she 'nipped' (their words not mine) at a few of the staff members but fortunately did not injure any of them and they did not boot her out of there. The girl that told me about how she did today seemed like she understood the dogs fears and really wanted to help her overcome them. THAT was cool...


My rescue is third dog over from left in this picture:

Pretty sure that is a smile on her face. LOL! :)


Second dog from left here:

Place is huge... Lots of dogs there today and I noticed as I was hanging around watching Whitey for a bit before I left that as people pulled up and dropped off their dogs to the doggie day care facility - Pretty much every one of them RAN towards that gate to get inside as soon as they got out of their car they were in! The dogs I saw coming all seemed happy as heck to be there... :)


Cant say for sure because Whitey does not bark in English for squat but... I think she liked it for the most part. Plan to try this out with her a few more times and see how she reacts when we get there and when I pick her up. If she gets to where she gets happy and excited whenever I take her there (like the other dogs I saw that got dropped off seemed to be) then I plan to make this a small part of her routine and give a day there every so often.

Pretty sure if she does not like that sort of activity she will let me know with her body language as well. :)