Top 5 favorite Dober-Quirks

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I Love reading the stories of the silly and sweet dober-characters on this forum, so please feel fee to chime in ... often.

Some of My favorites:

1.  The "song of his people" he sings while requesting to share your food.

2.  Chewbacca noises during bitey face games with Lola

3.  The way he rolls his tongue in and out during a yawn like it's a noise whistle

4.  The way he backs up onto my knee for butt scritches and then sits down and falls. Every. Time. 

5.  The long, slow sleepy dober kisses from my wrist to my shoulder. 

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Pet Profiles

Oooooo Momma.. you took some of mine.. these are so good.. thanks for starting this thread!!!



1.) The way Sofia comes to thank the opposite person who feeds her.

2.) When she cuts her eyes at Bella and it's enough to say " Knock it off."

3.) Her middle of the night bed checks

4.) The 'HMMMMPPPHHH!!!' sound she makes when she throws herself down in a snit.

5.) How her eyes dance and her nub wags when she sees me.

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From Libby.....

1. The long, contented groan at bedtime as I covered her with her binkie. (Lying next to me, of course.)

2. The long drawn out howl, tipping her head back and belting it out, when it was time to get up, or time for our morning walk. (Accompanied by her brothers Dillon and Gabe....)

3. The "LOOK" she would give other dogs when they were meeting her for the first time. At which point, they would all say, "Yes, M'AM!" (No one ever, ever argued with her. She was, after all, the Queen.)

4. The very quick kisses that sometimes included a tiny nibble on my chin or earlobe.

5. Flat out refusal to ever sleep on the floor. Even as a pup, she had to be in a chair, on the sofa, or on my bed. She never, ever slept on the floor.

And one more....

6. Stealth mode. Silently carrying stolen booty (read: food) past me, out the back door, leaving wrappers and boxes shredded in the yard.