Niko, Boss and Me Update

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Well, my "little" Niko is now 22 months-old!!  We are creeping up on the 2 year mark and my has the time flown by!!  Seems like yesterday I was picking him up from the breeder and falling in love with him instantaneously!!  Needless to say, that love has only grown since that day!!  

We are inseparable, he drives me bonkers some days and amazes me with how smart he is every day!!  We had a rough couple of months, but things are getting better.  I was a tad bit depressed and poor Niko did his very best to make me feel better about everything.  In fact, it was Niko and Boss that brought me out of the depression.  I was sleeping all the time and they wouldn't leave my side and one day I woke up and Niko was laying next to me on the bed, and Boss had his head resting on the side of the bed and they both just nudged me with their noses and looked so sad for me.  It was at that moment I realized what I was doing to them and to myself.  I got up, showered and I took my boys out for the day.  And I've been getting better and better every day since then. We go for our walks and play in the yard every day, and tbh, they are the reason I'm doing half as good as I am.  If it wasn't for their goofy selves I'd still be in bed, wasting my life and love!  It is so true that our dogs save us more than we save them!

I was gonna post some pics, but for some reason having, follow the link!!


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SO glad to hear you are doing better, Michelle.

I agree - our dogs do so much for us than we do for them. Give the boys a hug from me!

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Glad your guys got you out of bed and out off the house.  I have said numerous times I don't know how I would have survived this past 10 months without Tony.  They really do save us.  Glad to hear you are doing better. Remember, one day at a time and one foot in front of the other.  Take care of yourself and keep us posted


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wow Michelle, I understand that one, when I grieve I go into a depression and have such a huge hole in my heart that I just can't function for several days and finally I see that even my cats are worried and that's when I realize I have to get up and take care of them and love on them, that they miss me and I start to get out of it. Glad you are feeling better and continuing to move upward.....