Hi Everyone. Ella Nutella and I are new here.

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Hi Everyone.

Its great to find a place for Dobie owners to laugh, commiserate and share all things Doberman!

A little about Ella-

My Ella is 11 months old and it's like living with a baby dinosaur! Owning a dobie is like nothing else in the dog world LOL.

Her intelligence, size, exuberence and energy makes her a daily challenge as well as a daily joy.

Ella is so clownlike. She begins and ends her day happy happy happy..toys toys toys, and lots of velcro time. I know when she is quiet and not moving I had better see what she is up to :)

  Luckily my Ella trains well. She accepts her crate no issues, she sits, does nice down stays, waits for food when told. She is a pleaser. Walks are her only issue.

She absolutely will not and does not want to go on walks. She literally freaks out. Too much stimuli for her to handle and she gets very anxious when out of her safe zone, which is basically her yard and house. All she wants to do is bolt back in the house. She goes to the vet fine  and with only miminal anxiety but bolts for the doors to get inside, how ever she loves loves loves car rides.

We are working on her outdoor worries. I think she will overcome them with time and training. Thankfully I am home all day and can dedicate myself to it.

We are also working on her happiness when guests come. She wants to take them down and love them all over. Guests dont contribute to training because they think she is cute and get upset when I tell them to ignore her until she is calm. I need to train my guests too! LOL I have begun crating her when they arrive until she is calm but we have a long way to go here. Guests feel bad she is crated and she senses their excitement too and just seems to know she can paw them and be all over them. So tough going there.

I wouldnt change a thing as challenging as it can be. It takes a lot of love and time to raise a Doberman but oh so worth it!




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Welcome!  Oh the joys of puppyhood!  I know some do not like them, but I walk my two with Prong collars, as soon as the collar is on they know it is working walk time.  I always used the prong collar for training , T'Pol is still learning, but Ti changes to a different dog when it is on, knows we are working.  People comment on his great behavior when we are out and about, and he never had professional training.  I live way out in the woods, so they have lots of off leash time, and they are both JERKS, running, jumping, play fighting etc.  Yes I agree, owning a Doberman is like owning no other dog. 



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Thank you for the reply and thoughts on how you do it. I just recently invested in a Sprenger collar. It definitely helps. I see the recommended thing is to get it high on the neck but its a problem for me. Dobermans at leat mine has a very long elegant neck so to get it to stay I would have to get it pretty tight. So for now I let it rest lower. It seems to be ok and she responds well. We live in the city so she doesnt have wide expanses to run. I get out with her several times a day though and play with her and exercise her. I am really working on getting her used to being away from her safe zone little by little.

I have a long leader leash and we have been spending time out front. When I am weeding or doing lawn care she is on a long leader line and able to travel out there at her own comfort level. She seems to be going further and further so its a good sign.

I use the prong collar right now only for indoor training only, not darting through doors, taking stairs nicely instead of half rolling down them. Crazyness! LOL

I had to laugh when you said jerks , I can relate when she gets running and cant stop and slides into me or the wall.  As much fun as it is to see her mature and be part of that I am looking forward to her mature and slightly slower years. :)

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We adopted our Bella when she was 10 months old. Lucky for us she was ready to become a princess and act like one. Someone had miraculously instilled good manners in such a young but smart dog, before us. However she was still very wiggly and exuberant, and still is btw, at 4.5 y/o.


Yes little by little usually does the trick. Be careful she does not ever drag you, it can lead to injuries/ to you


Welcome to the forum!

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Thank you for the warm welcome. Your Bella looks like a sweety!

I love their exuberence and their wiggly ways. Thats the key, little by little and lots of patience.

Ella really is a good girl too.  Her fear of walks is something we will get through but its going to take lots of work and time. I am also going to seek help from a professional on the matter.

Again thanks for the welcome!