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Hello everyone !

I am brand new to the site and wanted to introduce myself. Soon I will be a dobe father and I just know I will need your collective wisdom and advice to help raising my pup!

This will be my first Dobe and actually my first pure bred. Growing up my Mom would always have us pick an animal from the shelters. Anyways the breeder I found (through extensive research!!), says the momma is prego now and expecting the litter at the end of this month... so that's in less than 7 days I should have some of my first pictures! Then by the middle of October I should be able to go pick him up (6hour drive there and 6hour back... yipes!)

I want a boy and really stuck on the name "Titus." Just seems to be a proud and strong name which is what I want my dog Titus to be for me. I have been consistently studying about dogs, puppies, health related things, etc etc and especially the Doberman breed. This is the right dog for me I am sure of it!

I'm very glad to find this forum and website because I can tell it's very active and full of dog/Dobe lovers!

I look forward to talking more with you all ! See you in the FORUMS!


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Welcome, Titus! (I want to type Tidus because of a video game XD) It's great that you're doing research! I would suggest trying to find places that offer obedience classes to bond with the pup and to show that you're the alpha of the house. :3

Good luck!

Erika and Zelda

Welcome to the forum !! While you're waiting, get a few books on training a puppy and an adult dog and have a game plan ready before Titus comes home. The more you know the better things will go when the puppy arrives. Also have some goals for Titus and you to strive for over his lifetime. To me, that's the funnest part of having a dog. And you have this site, lots of advice in past post. Of course you can and should ask US. Lots of real experience from doberman owners who have been through what your going to go through. Can't wait for the pics.


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Welcome to the forum. I agree with the others, simply read up and read through some of the discussions here. I highly recommend crate training from an early age. The crate will give Titus a sense of security, especially if it is a plastic crate or a covered wire crate. Dogs are denning animals and feel secure when in their den.

It also confines them when you are gone or asleep to limit the mayhem that the devilish little puppies can get into.

You have chose one of the most wonderful and rewarding breeds, but also one of the most challenging. They are very intelligent, and while that makes them easier to train, it also means they can get several steps ahead of you if you don't pay attention.

I have had Dobies now for 29 years, and have enjoyed all of them.

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welcome to the Forum and please post as many pictures as you can.. How we love the babies..

Ask a million questions.. get a million ( or two) answers and enjoy your Titus.. Looking forward to all the adventures you're going to share

Kate and Sofia

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Thank you everyone ! I will definitely continue to read and study up on this topic. At this point I do have two very important questions that are concerns of mine for Titus if you could share some insight please.

1. First thing on my mind is something I read about Doberman's needing a LOT of room to run. Well about that... I have a relatively small yard and pretty much no backyard. The fence I will be putting up in the front yard will make room for Titus to get some fresh air and do his business (about 200 sq feet).  Now needless to say this probably won't be a bad thing until he gets a little older but I will mention I plan to take Titus out for runs in the park or beach nearly every day. I guess I just need to hear that this is okay and it will be fine for him and not unfair.

2. The second concern, and I have browsed the kennel forum traffic and searched the web for a solid answer to this question but did not find a real solution... the question is how do I handle Titus when I am a single guy living in the area alone and work 8-5pm mon-fri.

I get an hour lunch so driving home takes 20mins, so 10mins to eat, 10mins to potty/play would be a possibility. However, I do not understand yet how to keep this puppy from peeing on himself in his kennel and not being "tortured" by the long hours of being in a (den) ???

***Has anyone tried this PTPA Doggy Crate that has a hole in the divider to seperate the restroom area? *** any thoughts?? This is the crate > http://modernpuppies.com/

Thanks for sharing your opinions and experience !

Gratitude :)

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Welcome! We look forward to meeting Titus!

200 sq ft is small. It will work for a little while but sooner than later, you'll be taking him running and to the beach for his exercise. Mine have better than a half acre of back yard but they'll sit by the french doors and stare at me til I let them back in, go figure huh? I take mine everywhere I can take them to get them out in the world (socialize), parks, pet smarts, Tractor Supply, parades, festivals... Find and read this tread in "doberman health" "Parvo(why we vaccinate)" a very good read.

I use a travel crate. To a dog, it's more like a den. IMO, I think they feel more comfortable in them.


If you can make it home for lunch, the puppy should be fine. You may have to skip that 10 minutes to eat though...lol. I try not to let them in their crate no more than 4 or 5 hours but have had to let them in longer.

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Thank you gun_slinger and everyone.

gun_slinger that's comforting. It will be no problem either to take him around to festivals and beach and parks etc. that is what I look forward to most of all! (involving him in whatever I can).

I'm going to look into the doberman health thread and the web link you posted.


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Hi, Titus, and welcome to the group!

As long as you provide exercise for your pup, either walking him or letting him run along the beach, he should be fine. 

Socialization is a very important factor to raising a doberman puppy.  Try to expose him to all sizes and ages of people, and even things like kids on bicycles, older people using walkers, people in wheelchairs---basically, any and all situations that he might encounter later in life. That way he has a chance to get used to things while he's still little and they wont freak him out when he's older.

Take Gunny's advice about crating, too.  I've never used a crate for any of my dogs, so I can't offer any advice there.

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The parvo thread will go into not taking your puppy out into public until they are fully vaccinated at 16 weeks.

Until then your house and small yard will be plenty big for a young puppy to explore and training can be started on day one.

When he is out of quarantine you can always sign him up for a doggy day camp once a week or have someone walk him to break up his long days.

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Titus!  The absolute best name ever!!

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Aw thank you Kate.in.OR... RIP to your Titus! - I saw his picture on your profile! beautiful! And Jesh I didn't even consider a doggy care or walker, between all the other planning! So I will look into crate on the link provided (good site), a puppy daycare, and maybe a trustworthy person to walk my dog...

oh and apparently I don't have to worry for the first month or so about even walking him because have to wait till all shots and stuff are done right, so that's cool. I can just hang out and get to know eachother in the meantime! perfect start :))

I just called the puppy breeder today to check on the momma. They said she is as big as a pot belly pig lol.. should have the litter any day now this week! So should have pictures sooner than later, woo!


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Welcome to the forum.  This is a great place to learn all the goodies about raising a Doberman! I second what has been said above and also used a crate for my Dobes as pups.  Our newest addition who is now 16 weeks old LOVES her crate!  I leave the door open and at time she will walk in and plop down for a nap without reason.  We have a blanket covereing teh top and two sides but the front is open.  I am also itching to take her out into public but I have another vet visit on teh 1st.. Cant wait to really take her out visiting!