Dexter and Hazel a year in review (photo heavy!!!)

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Hello everyone! I am checking in with some news on Dexter and Hazel. Everything on our end has been mostly good and we are fast approaching the one year mark! I won’t lie there has been many ups and downs raising 2 puppies at the same time. We had more than a few scares along the way from some bad ear infections detailed here ( link ) to family/dominance issues with my wife, we learned the ins and outs of reading a dogs body language and how to react properly to stop a fight before it happens in preventable situations. We shared and learned about caring for pups recovering from spay/neuter surgeries. And we went through all of this here on the forums and survived to tell the tale thanks to this community and everyone who populates it; and I just wanted to take this time to thank everyone for helping us! I know the last couple of months I have not been posting much as life is ever so busy and would now like to do some catching up. We now have 3 cats…… we have always had Joey my black and white cat but we ended up with 2 more rescue cats. One is a yellow tabby named Laz the other is a black cat named Beau. (yea I didn’t get to name them they already had named) So now we have 2 dobies 3 cats, my 2 boys and my baby brother living at my house. Full house indeed.



Firstly I want to address any newer members who are looking for a new dobe to your family. Please don’t do what I did! 2 puppies from the same litter! I am not saying you can’t have 2 dobies at the same time but raising 2 at the same time has been a very difficult challenge and many of the trials and tribulations are documented on this website. I don’t want to derail the purpose of my post; I just wanted to throw that out there before you continue reading and looking at all the cute pictures  and decide to yourself that you want 2. I am in no way endorsing the whole 2 puppies at the same time thing even if all the pictures look cute warm and fuzzy.


So of course I began looking through all of my pictures of them and WOW how fast they grow! I am sharing my pups first year in review. You can really gauge just how FAST they grow by looking at the pictures of them around the same things over the course of the year.


Baby Dexter at 3 weeks old


both of them together

Tiny Dex when we came home 

Another of him on the way home I really want to show how small the little guy was when we got him. He SHOULD of had more mommy time before we got him as he was the runt.

One cannot pass the chance to show a sleeping itty bitty puppy hazel

Cuddle Buddies hazel is to the left, notice how much bigger she is back then! Dexter is sporting a bad to the bone collar.

Hazel being cute as ever

Oh yea the random running puppy hazel in the fall, her ears are primed for take off

Dexter being a trooper in his first snow experence he looks oh so serious

Dexter, being well Dexter.... notice the size of the couch to him... that to his left is the arm of the couch... now watch as we grow :)

Another of Dexter, please pay attention to his size relative to the couch :)

A lot of these pictures have myself in them as my wife loves to take pictures when we are asleep. it is another good way to see how fast they grew.

I love how we all used to be able to cuddle on the couch together. Dexter is on the bottom of this dog pile.

Getting bigger

and bigger

lets keep comments about this picture to either my cute dogs or my son... not my tired need to go to sleep daddy hair lol

bigger still

and.... after work last week. Yes Dexter and I still like to cuddle... no we dont have enough room.... yes we are getting a bigger couch!

And of course a few of my favorite pics just because I can!!!!!


hazel nose shot

The Dexterbelt, my youngest son is wearing a real seat beltbut Dexter felt the need to make sure he was safe on this car ride.

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 Next month they turn a year old! I will add more details and some stories later, and more pictures!

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These were so great to see!!! Love them all especially how Dexter cuddles with you still as big as he is Haha! Funny how one day they are this small bundle and you look one day and they are huge, its good to have a chronology of pictures to look back on.

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Beautiful dogs. Wonderful photos!  Thanks so much for posting them - it's fun to see them as they grow up.

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LOL, they are beautiful brother!!  You and April have done a wonderful job raising them to be well-behaved, loving dobies.  I remember when we went and picked them up from the breeder.  When you saw Dexter for the first time, I could just see you fall in love with him!!  They were so tiny and sweet!!  Now they are big and sweet!! LOL

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I LOVE all these pics, especially the one where he is draped completely across you on the sofa after work, that is priceless, these big dogs are heavy and its hard to sleep beneath them how do you do it?? hahahaha

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How'd I miss this????  Wow---time sure does fly.  DJ will be a year old in a couple more weeks, so I know what you mean when you say you can't believe how quickly they grew up! 


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Heeey.. Where has this thread been hiding?? I just saw it for the first time this morning.. It's fantastic.. Love each and every one of the pictures thank you so much for posting the progress..

We all look forward to next year with your family..

Katie and Sofia

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cynfully2, I don’t care how big he gets I love that he likes to cuddle J


KimI remember when they came home they do GROW so very fast. They don’t stay little puppies for long. Mine are now BIG puppies haha

michelle baconThey are big babies! Jeremiah wants Dexter to sleep in his room now but he always gets up in the middle of the night to hop in my bed.


talisinSometimes his elbows dig into me and I have a problem with him but most of the time he is very careful about getting on top of me. On the bright side fall is pretty cool here in Illinois and I always have a heater close by!


poogieTy for the comment J


DJ's DadYour DJ is just a couple of weeks older than my handfuls! I really do like reading your updates about her and how well she is doing! One thing though….. GO BEARS!


Lady Kate Thanks again for your sweet words. When are you going to print your book?

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Wow thank you. I was having the worst day in work when I came across these pictures. Love seeing how fast they grow. Crazy how they can be small enough to curl up on your lap one day and almost longer than you the next!! Crazy how fast they grow!!!


Beautiful dogs!

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Fantastic Post! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

I can imagine Buddy being that big but I guess it's only 7 short months away! Kepp those Pics coming!