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Hello everyone, 

I read alot of interesting facts and I been promising my 2 yr old ambt a playmate to run question is who should i buy from and whats the most important thing i should know and see from this parents owned a doberman when I was younger but never did my homework..thanks

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

As for "not doing your homework", there are a lot of topics on here to help aide you.

The first question I have. Have you ever owned a "smart breed" dog? This isn't your typical dog. A Doberman doesn't want to lay around and do nothing. He will test you in more ways than you'd expect.

A Dobe doesn't much care to have another dog around, that's just competition for attention. If he's able to have all of it, he'd be happier.

I could go on and on with information, but it would do you better to learn it yourself. You'll even learn after you get one. I did my research for over 5 years before I finally decided to dive into the world. Having Max for 2 years, I'm still learning things about him and the breed.

Just go into as much detail with a breeder as you can. Ask what his policies are. If he is looking for just money, just leave. A GOOD breeder will lose money in the process, and looking to better the breed and not their wallet. Are you wanting a show dog? Work? Protection? Companion? European or American? There are literally hundreds of things to look into whenever you're looking into it. Get everything down. Nothing is cheap either. Don't just get a pup because they are selling them for $300 a pup. A good breeder will have the ears cropped, tails docked, dew claws removed. 

Things to avoid : Poor living conditions for the dogs at the breeder. The breeder trying to push a dog onto you. Breeder not knowing health concerns of the breed. NO PAPERWORK OR HEALTH TESTING on the bitch and stud. Cream Breeders (Albino). Anyone charging more for a certain color of Doberman, or saying that a blue, fawn or cream colored Doberman is a "rare" dog; it's not true and they are just trying to make money. Anyone advertising "WARLOCK DOBERMANS!!!! 130LBS+!!!" is full of sh*t. There is no such thing as a large breed Doberman. There is a healthy Doberman, a large Doberman, and a fat Doberman. Each one grows differently. Puppy mills. 

If you have more specific questions, please post. There are to many possible things that could be talked about, and asking more specific questions helps better.

Hope the best for you, and that there are more questions to come this way!

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thanks you... Yea i know what you mean about wanting attention as I also have a 8 yr old biscon my wife dog--- lol.. she love to get rubbed-- my ambt she loves playing as I do have a big yard-- and alot of parks nearby-- time I do have-- as far as owning a smart dog-- well I would think my ambt is smart but i get what you mean.. yes-- I grew up with german shepard and doberman.. actually they mated and had my buddy- hefty- but this was in the 80's I am now 36 yrs old-- I am a really big animal lover and avid reader of pets of all kinds-- let me give you my vision.. I want a loyal.. trust worthy.. non timid dog.. My ambt -- is perfect- great with kids--my friend 1 yr old- can take a ball outta her mouth and say sit and she will-... I want a dog that can A show her a few tricks and B show me a few tricks lol.. I like the challenge-- and want a good dog from a good breeder .. he dont have to do sports and be show dog-- but i rather pay for the right one minus all these horrible health issues I read...

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just my two cents worth - since you are looking for a playmate for your other dog I don't see that the doberman would fit that bill, since as mentioned above, the doberman is not a dog to dog dog but a dog to human dog so maybe finding a dog that likes to have dog companions and is also smart would be better for now, and it sounds like you have one male and one female right now so choosing a sex for the doberman would be difficult due to the same sex aggression issues.....just my opinion - seeking a different breed or maybe a dobe mix would be a better choice......

Others will have more to say than me on this one I am sure

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I have a two yr old and his BFF is any other dog. I have four dogs total and they all get along great. The key for my Dobe was getting him socialized very early in his life and obedience classes. I have put a lot of time and energy into all of my dogs but I went above and beyond for my Dobe because they are so smart . Do your research, go through these threads and then knock on breeders doors. However there is another option. There are rescue organizations that have Dobes that need homes. That might be an avenue for you.