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​Axel is our newest member to our family. Hes a fawn colored, fun, loving, loyal 4 month old pup. We originally picked him up in texas and flew him home to New York. We couldn't be more happy with him, his personality and temperment are unlike I've personally ever seen in a dog. Being that we have two 3 year old little girls and a 7 year old boy that loves to swing from the rafters, Axel fits in perfect. We've been taking him once a week to puppy training school being that you only get one oppertunity to raise them right we figured why not. I've been reading alot of feeds and gathering alot of great information and i just wanted to open another thread to get some more great conversation and information out there. thanks for reading!

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Had to go to the photo gallery to see the picture.  He is a beauty. 

Cute boy - enjoy him and train him AND the kids!

I will mention just in case you are not aware, as a fawn, he is very at risk for coat issues. CDA - Color dilution Alopecia.  Do some research on this - you have time as it usually is not really seen till they are about 2+ years in age. Most dilutes (fawn and blue) will have some degree of hair loss. It does not affect their health in any way, but their coats need special care as they are thinner and more fragile (prone to breakage) at maturity. 

Also - choke chains are fine for walking, but please please do not let him wear one all the time. A quick release flat buckle collar is better for everyday.  It is also best for them to not wear a collar while crated.