Axel has a sense of humor

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Today Axel and I went to a friends house.  I wanted to show off some of the things that Axel learned in class but for some reason Axel wouldnt cooperate at first but then he did what he was told. After we left I dropped off Axel at my sons office.  I was probably gone about an hour and my son called and told me that those classes that Axel and I attended have really paid off because one of his customers came into the office and asked if Axel knew any commands and my son said yes so the perfect stranger gave him the sit/stay command and Axel did it immediatley. He then told him to lay down and again he obliged with no hesitation. I just thought it was funny how I was just bragging him up to my friend and he wasnt interested in showing off for me but for my son and a perfect stranger he was on point.  This is the same dog who wouldnt let a stranger in class direct him but a stranger in my sons insurance office was fine. Im learning so much about Axel and Im enjoying every minute of him.



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Just like a kid---you brag them up in front of someone, and try to get them to show what they know, and they look at you like you're speaking a foreign language.  LOL

That's marvelous that he 'performed' for someone he didnt even know---things like that impress people and that guy probably is STILL talking about the wonderfully smart doberman he met at the insurance office. 

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Silly Axel!!!  They definitely have their own minds!! Hee Hee!!


too funny!