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Pet Profiles

Well it finally happened. Everyone on this forum knows about the shoulder checking thing that their Dobes do and if you dont you soon will know all about it. With that said, Axel has been just annoying my sons boxer/rott mix since the day he arrived.  Dont get me wrong, Roxi is very tolerant of him and they play well together, but he finally got what was owed to him. He squared off in the backyard with her. She was at one side and he was at the other and I knew what was coming next and before I could intervene (like I really thought I could have stopped them lol) they charged each other and wham they crashed. Axel got creamed. He rolled about four times and whined real loud. I was there by that time and I ran to him and checked him out. He got up and ran into the house. So Roxi and I returned back into the house to find Axel snuggling up to my son as if to tattle on Roxi. She was having none of it, so she snuggled up to my son and then licked Axels shoulder. They then started to wrestle.  Axel is not my first Dobe.  There was Diesel before him and his best friend was Roxi. She is a 6 yr old Boxer/rott mix but was raised around a Doberman who was about 120 lbs and when he was on his hind legs stood 6ft tall. He always played rough with her so she knows all about being a doberman and she in turn taught him how to box.  She is also teaching Axel how to box.  Here is a pic of the both of them. I hope you enjoy their pics like I do.

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hahahaha, too funny, guess it's time to show respect to the girls uh? hahahah