Axel got his Doberman card.....well kinda

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Let me start this by saying I work nights and sleep days. With that said so do my dogs . I also have been trying my luck at gardening and this is where the story begins. The other day I was in a deep sleep when Axel would not stop pestering me. He would nudge me, nose bump me and even pull the blankets off of me. I figured he probably had to go potty so I got up to let him out and my husky. I opened the door and he flew off the porch and I thought he must really have to go. Before I could chain up my husky ( yeah, she gets tied up because she has zero recall) my sister in law comes running from my backyard with Axel right next to her. Now she just wanted to check out my garden and she didn't want to bother me . She said she was checking out my tomatoes and she suddenly seen this big black dog and she said he just stopped in front of her. She's only met Axel once when he was a puppy cause she has allergies. She said she really wasn't scared cause she's read my FB page and her mother loves him and always talks about how gentle he is to everyone. She did have one complaint, why didn't he bark to warn her. I told her he very seldom barks. I think he's officially a guard dog. I just wanted to share. The look on her face was a YouTube moment .




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Go Axel! A+ for ninja skills and A+ for being kind.  Quiet Intimidation is a power.

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Go Axel!! That quiet intimidation is the best thing when it comes to guarding your home. Sure, barking is great so that you know, but when an intruder knows that there's a big dog there, they have time to prepare for a fight. *Is an advocate of personal protection dogs and keeping them safe* Another great thing is that he didn't attack her, but made sure she wasn't doing anything shady or dangerous. He really does have his doberman card now. :)

Skye woulda been barking up a storm the moment she realized someone was in the yard. Lolol. 


Give him hugs and kisses from me!! 

~Joelle and Skye~

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that's a funny he's a stalker hahahaha

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DJ is less 'vocal' than any of my little terriers.  In fact, she rarely barks at all unless there is a real reason to.  When she does, it gets my attention, though.