Adios My Lovely Girl

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]With profound sadness and pain I can hardly explain I must let you know that our beloved Sofia has passed away. 

October 1 of this year, she came to me..looked directly into my eyes and said: "That's all." She was fourteen years old and yes.. I thought she would live forever. Sofia had other plans and just like the divas before her..set her own rules.

I've not been able to post photos of's just too hard but they're all in her gallery in this wonderful Forum and I want to thank all of you who reached out with love and compassion during this incredibly painful time. 

Hold your babies close. the time goes by so quickly and treasure each and every moment..

Air kisses and nose bumps...

.Katie and Sofia the Dober Diva






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Oh, Kate -

I am so sorry. You must miss her terribly.

14 years!!! An amazing life you gave her. She was such an incredible soul, and so blessed to have you for her family. I'm sure you feel you were the one blessed more with her presence.

I will miss her stories and her beautiful face.

Hugs to you all......

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   Sorry to hear this news.  You were so lucky to have each other. 

So so sorry to hear this. 14 years is fantastic - the most I've gotten so far is 11 - but I know the loss is just as painful at 14 as it would be at any other age.  Hugs to you!

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I know you miss her and how much you both loved her, it is a lot, more than words can express. I cry with you, she was a grand dame of doggie-dom and a Queen among beasts and men. I hope that your princess in waiting ( Bella) will help you fill the heartache.


besos, embrasos

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So sorry for your loss.  You must have taken good care of her to have reached this age.  I sometimes get frustrated with our 'determined' pup but after reading this, I will now enjoy every moment, both good and bad, while she is a pup.  Hugs and prayers for healing.