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I thought this was pretty darn cool!!! I've heard of Dobermans doing this before but this is the first video clip I've seen of it. I think I need a few more dogs so I can try lol. In all seriousness I do have a freind who does sled dog racing that I think I might learn the basics and try with my younger 2. We can start this summer with the scooter team.

Enjoy! I thought they needed booties on or coats though in this clip.


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OMG---I totally loved that video!!!   Really shows a totally different side to the breed than most people would imagine, doesnt it?  (The music was pretty cool too LOL)  They looked like they were getting a little tired towards the end of the run, but the looks on the dogs' faces at the end was priceless!  What a well trained group of dogs---they even waited till they were told to eat that less than yummy looking meal. LOL  I would have given them filet mignon.

I know this just shows the versatility of the Doberman I thought it was really cool.

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How I loved that video Des.. thank you so much.. !!

Had to laugh at the look on the Husky's faces as they did a double take when the Dobes overtook their sled team.. "WTH??"

Awesome and... Who Knew??

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KAte was just gonna say the same thing lol!!!! amazing thanks des!

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wow wHat a great video!!!...*Buddy just looked up AT ME FROM THE FLOOR....With A LOOK ON HIS FACE LIKE...""DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT"..LOL

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Dobes are awesome, I think they can excel at practically any dog sport. I am training agility, preparing for CGC (or the equivalent of it here, I think) and IPO (similar to SCH, but we dont have sch in this part of Europe), and doing canicross, which is running with a dog, he has a sled harness, you have a special belt, and an elastic leash connecting the two. Dobes are good pullers, if anyone is a runner here, I would suggest trying it. Looks like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Z8BI0cr3Do fun fun fun!