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Hey guys,

it's been awhile since I popped in. It's been a roller coaster ride here.....we've been trying to get our house ready to put on the market or at least figure out what we want to do to stay in it forever. It's horribly time consuming.

In the past month we have lost family members to suicide, and the rest of the valentine puppies have died. And my sweet Miss Velvet I have shared her pics here often the dilute tortie point siamese, she died from a stroke at age 11.

You may recall me fussing some about the puppies my mom had, we found them on Valentine's Day 2001; this past Sept. I think I mentioned my little rottie mix Charlie died leaving Sweetheart the shepherd and Blackjack the black lab, their other brother Goliath died several years back at age 9, he lived with the neighbors over at mom's.

Seems that on a Thursday end of last month my mom called to say that my grandfather (mom's dad) brother's son had shot himself, his mom had died in December and he had devoted his whole life to caring for her since my Uncle Lee died back in 1979, so when she died we worried about his future, so we waiting for word on the funeral when Saturday morning Miss Velvet was walking across the fireplace mantel and seemed like she tripped and slipped off the mantel stumbling, but then seemed to be ok. Sunday we get a call from my mom that Blackjack is unable to walk, we rush over and sure enough the time had come to say goodbye so around 7pm at the emergency hospital we bid farewell to one more of the Valentine puppies, then we went my cousins funeral on Monday, I dropped my mom off headed home and got in the door and she was calling and crying to back over Sweetheart was unable to move; I rushed over and sure enough she was symptomatic of a stroke so we rushed her to the vet and while there she began with mini seizures and within a few minutes we had to say goodbye to final of the valentine's day puppies. Less than 18 hours had lapsed between their passing.....I get home and Miss Velvet is worse, so off to the vet with her by Thursday, drop her off and leave her for evaluation. She was blind and not coping well. We tried for 2 weeks to see if she would adjust to her blindness she did not; then I kept saying she was in pain the vet swore she wasn't I swore she was, I insisted they continue evaluating her I was in/out of their office like I was with Sampson, almost every day, FINALLY a new vet did some more tests and sure enough she was in pain she had slipped two discs in her fall, there was no way to stop the pain for her. So we ended up saying goodbye to my sweet Miss Velvet. And then two more family members killed themselves within weeks......

It's been tough. We have been sick ourselves, most likely from being run down from all the sorrow....in less than 2 1/2 weeks we lost 3 of our babies, I still find it hard to believe.....

Good News - Sampson is still with us he has found his "bark" and uses it sparingly most of the time he snorts and snuffles as he runs the fence line which scares people, cause they know he is a rottweiler but he sounds like a weird huge hog..

Pepe Le Peu is doing ok, he is so blind it's pitiful, he has no clue where he is at but he is brave as can be, it does not slow him down at all, whereas Miss Velvet would hunker down in a corner and not move she was so terrified. Pepe will walk off into air....

The cats that are left are doing well....Momma kitty also known as Pretty Girl the one that had the kittens that we found that Ben raised, she had bladder crystals and goes back in this week for a recheck.

Sammie has to go in for a reassessment of his pain from his hips.....he can hardly move sometimes and that is one big boy, he is 137 pound rottie and if he can't get up ain't nobody moving that heavy boy......so he needs to be able to move of his own accord.

so that is the short story of where I have been, most of you know that when I am gone for long periods it's because it's too time consuming and overwhelming for me to do anything like visit here. there are lots more details to share later but that's the short of it

hope everyone here is ok, an that all the dober dogs and rotties, kitties and other little dogs are doing great as well.....the forum looks like it's been a bit light with messages so I should be caught up soon.

if you think I should know of a dog passing or a new baby let me know here so I can look for that post.....thanks

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I'm so sorry about what you went through, Talisin. Take care of yourself and your family, make the last of your furry friends and family happy, as well. I wish I could say more, but I feel like there's nothing to say. Take care.

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Hi Tal, 

 You were very missed on this site and I was getting worried while hoping for better news. I hope things look up real soon. I am so sorry for your losses, how heartbreaking to hear all of it.

Sending Love,

from pb , Michael, and Julia 

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So sorry you've had such a rough time lately Talisin, and I'm very sorry about your mom's cousin. What a horrible time for you and your family. :-( Doberhugs from Kay...I hope things start to get better soon.

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wish you all the best from here on out !  so sorry for all you've lost .

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Tal.. how odd.. I ws just getting ready to PM you as it seemed forever since we've heard from you. SO very sorry you've gone through so much tragedy, especially in such a short amount of time. Wow!! You've really been dealt some tough ones..

Thank you for popping in and remember you're always in our thoughts and prayers..


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Thanks guys, I miss coming in and seeing what's happening. It really has been one tragedy after another. The puppies really broke my heart as they were only 5-6 weeks old when we found them and the last three at my mom's lived to be almost 14 1/2 years so that was a long time to love them. These were the puppies I told you all about that went to obedience school and I taught Charlie the rottie mix to heel at my crutches and he never forgot his training, if I put his leash on him and did a little tug and said "we're working" he immediately ignored everything but me and did what he was told. He died in Sept. 11, 2014 but Sweetheart and Blackjack to pass within a few hours of each other was devastating to say the least, and then come home to no Miss Velvet it was just a bit much. I was not close with the family members that killed themselves otherwise I think you would find me in a padded room.....

Thank god my other babies are healthy as far as I know and are doing well. Right now Handel Walker the kitten that Ben raised that had trouble walking he is chasing a stinkbug around the house, Super Callie Fragilistic is in asleep with my husband along with their momma and Malta the neighbor cat someone left.....Sampson is in there too on his own personal sleeping bag snoring like a hog, Pepe is in his crate for his own safety covered with a fleece blankie and Fidget and Shadowman are sound asleep next to me.

I hope to be able to pop in more regular and get caught up, :))

I am also busy busy with rescue work on facebook and that eats up alot online time. Thanks kate for keeping tabs on me !!!!

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Hi Tali, you have been greatly missed!  My condolences for your rough patch of grief.  You are a strong and wonderful person.  It's so good to hear that you are weathering the storm.  Hope you visit more often :)