Big Doberman + Small Breed

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Hi All,

My wife and I are finally at a place where we can put in the time and effort to bring the Doberman I have always wished for into our lives and are beginning to look for a puppy.  We are also entertaining the idea of a second dog in addition to the Doberman to replace the hole left by the recent passing of our Yorkshire Terrier.  We are thinking Boston Terrier or French Bulldog for that second dog but it kind of depends on the considerations around the Doberman.  We are hoping you all can help us with some thoughts around some of our open questions.

Understanding we would need to do an appropriate amount of socializing the two dogs and have clear 'house rules' around feeding time, bowls, beds, etc....

1) Are there particular small breeds that tend to be far better living with Dobermans?  far worse?

2) Is there a pressing reason to get both puppies at the same time vs. space them out in age?  -and- Is there a pressing reason for one to be older than the other?  Or, is any situation manageable with the right considerations?

3) Any experience out there with having a Dobie/small dog situation and leaving them alone in the house for periods of time?  Did you separate (or even crate them) or let them roam?  At what ages did you feel comfortable letting them roam (if you did)?


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Get a pair of Dobermans and be done with it.


If you want a rat dog later add one...