Best Floors for Dobies - ?

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A little input please.  I know this isn't exactly about the dog itself but....

We are looking to replace our (crap) Pergo floors and was actually considering hardwood.  I do have a concern about scratch marks ruining it and possibly having to refinish repeatedly.  Hate the Pergo (and boycot them since they scammed us with a product).  Would not particularly like tile throughout.  Suggestions? Experience?  Thanks!

We have a mix of carpet, hardwood, and tile. 

If you get hardwood, don't get dark, high gloss.... they show every paw print. Oak floors show the least marks. If you are going to do wood, make sure your dogs nails are short and rounded - I dremel my dogs nails with sandpaper rounds and they  have no sharp edges. 

Tile is pretty nice and very durable - again, stay away from dark or high gloss. 

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Keep your dog's nails filed, not clipped. Your groomer uses a tool much like a "Dremel" tool to file your dog's nails. This method keeps the nails smooth whereas clipping the nails will leave sharp edges that are far more likely to scratch the surface.