in need of a free Doberman cropped and docked for adoption in denver

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Hello, my name is Anthony. I am currently looking for a Doberman pinscher puppy\pupr. I am a very experienced dog owner. My love for the Doberman has been with me sense childhood. I am looking for a companion to be with me thru these cold winter months. I am a artists by trade.I enjoy bicycling and martial arts and so you know, she will be getting plenty of exercise. Thank you sincerely, Anthony Davis. Ps P.s. feel free to call 303_817_6446 or

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Have you looked into a rescue ?

Quite frankly if you are looking for a free dog because you can't afford to pay for one, this is a pretty expensive breed no matter what you pay or don't pay for one. They are prone to several health issues that cost some bucks to treat, and won't thrive well on cheap food. I'd rethink the breed you are looking for if finding the money to care for one is an issue for you.