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Looking for a 2-6 year old red/rust or black/tan purebred small Doberman that weighs 60 pounds or less....preferably less. Must be housetrained and obedience trained, as well as gets along with larger dogs. Dog park compatible is a must.  Docked and cropped. Good personality. 

Will pay premium price for the right dog. Close to the DC area is preferable.

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ae you sure a doberman is what you want ? under 60 lbs. is small maybe manchester terrier they are small to medium and were one of the breeds used to create the doberman !! but good luck with your search !

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Get a mini pinscher instead. The weight you're looking for is below average of what doberman weight should be, even with a female. If there exist a doberman with that weight, it's definitely mixed or malnutritioned.


I would just look for a different breed that is in that size range. I mean the things you are looking for are pretty specific. Most people that have dogs that are obedience trained, house trained, and good with other dogs, are not given up. When someone puts that kinds of work into a dog, they don't get rid of it!

Dobermans are not known as good dog park dogs. Even if they get along with other dogs, they tend to play too rough for most breeds. 

If being able to be a good dog park dog is a must, I would look at breeds that tend to live and work in packs. A nice breed of a medium size is a Visla.