Looking for Doberman puppy in Missouri

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Looking for a new best friend as my Evie (white) passed after almost 13 years. We really miss having a dobie around

Try contacting a local Doberman Club - DPC of Missouri Inc.  If you look on the DPCA breeders list you can find local breeders in your area.  I will tell you that most DPCA breeders do not breed often, and are picky about homes, so you really need to sell yourself as a good home and give lots of information. If you send a questions like "do you have puppies, and how much?" you will most likely not recieve a reply. 

I would normally tell people to go to some local dog shows to meet breeders and owners and see some of the dogs..... but Covid.  There are still some dog shows, but I don't believe spectators are allowed at this time.  Covid is also ramping up the demand for puppies - so please be very careful who you buy from.  There are a lot of scams going on and unscrupulous breeders.