looking to adopt adult senior Doberman

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My husband and I are looking to adopt a Doberman. We prefer an adult because we do travel and find it easier to travel in a car with an adult dog. The problem we have been having is finding one that is OK with cats. We have an elderly blind cat. We love this cat very much. The cat does not travel and stays home with the sitter. We also have another small dog. We have a female Rat Terrier that is about seven years old. Once in a while my 5 year old grandchild will stay with us for the weekend. What we can offer our new companion is a great home. We can afford to care for him or her and offer the best food. We have a farm where they could walk in the woods with me and play catch. Not a working farm. We are talking about my grandparents farm that was once a working dairy. Now my dad lives there and we are moving to the farm as soon as we sell our home in the city. We also have a winter home in AZ. If our new companion enjoys a swim now and then, we have a pool in the back yard they could jump in (only if I am out in the back with him or her). Pools and dogs are a dangerous combo. Many dogs drown because they get in and are unable to find their way to get back out. They claw at the side of the pool till they are exhausted and then drown. My Rat Terrier is trained to not go in the pool. She does however enjoy putting her ball in and watching it float to the end and then she grabs it just before it would go in the drain catch. It is really a kick to watch her do that. My husband and I are retired but I have a small embroidery and sublimation business. We are not looking for a freebie. We would just prefer an adult. We had a Dobergirl many years ago and miss her very much. If it is not possible to find an adult or senior, we will consider a puppy but would like to search for an adult right now. Please, any ideas are welcome, Thanks so much!

I am not sure why but for some reason I am unable to respond to the comment below. We have been to rescues in our area. Seattle area. We were even approved by the rescue. Dobermans must be popular here because they are very hard to find. Our cat is only 12 and he has no issues with dogs. We hope our cat will be with us for 10 more years. He might be blind but he is in very good health. We do not want to have him made into a toy. Finding a Doberman that is OK around another small dog and cat has been a problem. I though maybe this might be a good place to get ideas or anyone know of one looking for a home. We are not wanting to wait for the expiration of our beloved cat.

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There are many reputable rescues out there.  Where are you located?  I have adopted several Dobermans and the best thing to do is to explain very clearly your living situation and lifestyle so that the rescue can match you with an appropriate dog.  Lots of rescues "cat test" their dogs, but maybe its better to wait until your present cat is no longer with you - even the nicest dog can upset an elderly cat.

Best of luck!

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I also suggest a local rescue. It may take a while to find the perfect dog, but it's all worth it. I'm a foster, and for the past year, I've been the one to do homechecks for my dogs. Trust me,when the match is perfect, there is a bond that some laid back dog couldn't give to a couple of adrenaline junkys... or that an extremely wild pup couldn't give to a couple of cake junkys. :D Keep rescues in your mind and get approved. After that, it's just a waiting game. Good luck finding your pup!

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I agree with WNC - the cat should come first epecially being blind and elderly this may be too much for her to handle, how old is she??

And any good rescue will help you find the right fit in a doberman and will be able to cat test or better yet have a foster parent who already has cats with their doberman foster dog; and the foster parent should be able to give you most of the information you need to have a great dog in an adopted dobie.....but wait until the cat passes especially if your cat is elderly and not just aging....

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kess, good luck. Keep looking and you will find a senior to adopt, I'm sure.  Seniors are wonderful.  Ginger is nine and she loves to watch tv and relax with her mommy.  :) 

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Rescues would be the best bet, other options are to search for retiring working dogs (few and far inbetween, but you may get lucky) you could also try breeders as far away as you are willing to travel.  I know some breeders will keep dogs from litters that they were unable to sell and sometimes will be willing to part with them for a price of course.

Good luck and I hope you can find some deserving doberman to give a great and loving home to.