I am looking to re-home my 2 years old European Doberman with excellent pedigree

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Hello to all. I am a new member here and I just sign up with this website with the hope of finding a suitable home for my boy. He is a two years male Doberman that I imported almost two years ago from a reputable breeder in Czech Republic. He is a very healthy boy with an excellent pedigree. He is coming from an old and long lived German bloodline with many IPO champions. He is crate/potty/house trained. He is also about 70% obidience and off leash trained. Unfortunately due to health reasons I can no longer take care of him property and I want him to be adopted by somebody who has the means, time, space and experience to take care of such a dog. Let me tell you this. I won’t give my dog just to anybody. I know I will miss him dearly so the new owner preferably lives in the SF, Bay Area so I can check on him every once in a while. I have all of his passport, paperwork and vaccination records. I will update this post with more info. Thank you









I would look for a reputable Doberman rescue group. 

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If you love your dog Please Please use a reputable Dobe rescue, not Facebook, Craig's List, etc.

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My name is Mark Helm and currently have two dobermans and have had a doberman as a friend for 43 years.  We also live on 108 acres of river bottom land which our dogs love tremendously.  Could we converse directly please?




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Mackhelmer - the original poster never returned and originally posted back in August. I personally would not give out your phone number on-line.