Dillon Doberman puppies in AL available in December (Blade's cousins)

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Hey you all, my boys Blade's  cousins were born 3 weeks ago (Nov 7, 2011) and will be available in December to approved families.

Here is Blade at 10 month old (last month), he is a gentelman. Can't you tell? LOL!


Here is more information on breeder and puppies:

Nancy Young, Dillon Dobermans is one of two breeders in AL refferred by Doberman Pincher Club of America http://dpca.org/BreedRef/index.php 

Video of this litter at 3 weeks old:


Dillon Dobermans website: http://www.dillon-dobermans.com/


I am first time dog owner and Nancy has been a tramendous support, helping me answer questions and address concerns that I had come as I raised Blade from 11 weeks old, including posting ears for 6 months. They turned out great! I highly recomend Nancy's puppies.

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Aw!  Makes me want a pupper!  And Blade is beautiful!

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Gorgeous picture, look how his coat just GLEAMS!   I wish we were ready for pup # 2...Next summer can't come fast enough! 

I know about this breeder being that Nancy is my Velma's breeder - correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't think that this was Nancy's litter - just that her dog was the sire? I don't know who the bitches owner is.

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I love your baby. He's beautiful!