California Doberman Breeder recommendations

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Looking for a happy & healthy red Doberman Puppy,  male or female.  I'm a stay home mom of two young children (4 & 6).  We currently do not have any pets.  I would like to find a Doberman with a good temperament around kids and also a family dog that will also provide protection. 

I am having a hard time finding a good reputable Breeder.  Any suggestions are welcome please.  Thank you. 


Have you gone to the DPCA breeders list yet?  Buying from a reputable breeder usually takes time as they do not normally breed very often and have waiting lists.  You really need to make a doggie resume for yourself with a lot of information.  If you are contacting breeders and just asking if they have puppies and how much, I guarantee that you will most likely not get a reply. 

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