6 Months Old Male Puppy CT-NY-NJ-MA

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Hi all Dobe lovers,

I got 2 gorgeus Doberman puppies back in January but I didn't do my homework about this issue at that time, I was so excited about having Dobermans second time in life.

My boys have been growing up remarkably and I started training them (both personally and certified trainer in group classes) since last week. As they grow up sibling rivalry came along and I consulted 1 dog behaviorist and 1 trainer, I read a lot of articles and forum posts, now I came to conclusion that rehoming one of my boys is the best for them to have a stress free healthy and joyful life. It's not easy for me and my wife to seperate them and send out either one of them but we'll likely swallow the pill.

We'll rehome Ares and keep Pars, I'm willing to get a female puppy to complete the family again.

If anyone out there is looking for a smart, housetrained, car trained, gorgeous looking male Dobe please contact me.

All vaccines, heartworm and flea&tick treatments are up to date, all vet records and health history available. They're microchipped, AKC registered, insured. They have 4 degree AKC certified pedigree.












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Hi and welcome to the forum!

 Your dobies are so precious and in the photos look very cute and healthy.

 You are making the best decision to keep everybody sane and happy. I would suggest calling a Doberman breed specific rescue organization asap. I would think it is easier for them to rehome a puppy. 

  If you do not go through a rescue such as this there is a remote chance that you could be fooled by a prospective adopter and your pup could have a terrible life as a fighting/bait dog. I feel for you as I am sure they are both firmly embedded in your heart. 


Good luck and send more stories and pictures!!


Julia, Michael and Bella

I'm assuming that your breeder was not a reputable one since no good breeder would sell two littermates.... much less two male littermates to one home.  However, I would make your first call to the breeder to see if they will take one back to rehome. If your breeder will not help, then be very careful rehoming - as someone else mentioned, people lie and dogs end up suffering. Make sure that you ask for references - including a vet reference and do a home visit. 

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Thanks for the suggestions Julia and Fitzmar.

I contacted DRU (Doberman Rescue Unlimited) and I'll turn in one of them to be placed to a new and loving home hopefully.





DRU is a great organization - you are doing the right thing. I'm just sorry that you had to go through this.  Situations like yours is why experienced Doberman people warn people not to get two males and not to get littermates. Your breeder needs a swift kick in the *ss for doing what they did. 

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 Did you find a home for your dobe?  I lost 2 this year and would like to find an "older young one" for my 4 year old as she is very lonely.