What Do Cropped Ears Look Like at rest?

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My pup is 21 weeks and has a short crop (she was cropped at 12 weeks so not much of a choice there). So, anyhow, i do want to mention this is my first dobie. Her ears were standing just like a week or two after being cropped. We had an issue with the ears pointing in to a "v" shape when she was really perked up. That has been corrected but I have another concern now if someone can help me. Her ears at rest (sleeping, just waking up, not paying attention, playing with a chewie, etc. they point kinda sideways.

similar to this photo i found:


Tips are not flopping.

This is my concern with her ears now as it seems to be often in this position. I don't know if this is okay or go with the if in doubt tape some more. I also realize that she is teething so ears have a tendency to "fall" right now.

Please advise.

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Good "rule of thumb" is to stay posted during the teething stage (a lot of calcium goes into the teeth as they are growing) and I was even told to "post until you think you no longer need to, then post for an extra week".  That might be a little excessive, but posting when it might not be 100% necessary is better (in my opinion, anyway) than not posting and not having erect ears.

While at rest, during sleep, and generally just tired, dobermans often lay their ears back or like in an "airplane wing" formation.  Here's what Ziva's ears look like as she is falling asleep.

Great visual example photos Zivas dad.

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Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou, Romeo??

Romeo is staying low on this one. He doesn't want to be embarrassed that his ears are still not standing well at least one of them lol those damn long show crops!!