Introduction and ear "tuck"

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Hi, my name is Robin and I have an 8 month old European named Jazz that I purchased 4 months ago for the purpose of training to be my eventual service dog. I know that there are varying opinions as to whether or not Dobermans make good service dogs and I respect everyone's opinion and wish to have mine respected as well. And for the record he is doing AMAZING WORK.
I was wondering if anyone has heard of a procedure called a "Tuck" for an ear that falls. His left ear has always stood consistantly but the right will fall after being unwrapped for about a week. I repowt it as soon as it falls, leave it posted for a week, take it down and immediately repost for another week before i take it down to see how long it will stand. This last time it flopped a little and by the time I collected the backer rod and tape it was standing again and hasnt fallen for 6 days. I am hopeful but just in case I have spoken to his breeder about the vet she used and what she recommended. She gave me the name of Dr. Becker in Independence, Mo. and mentioned having him/her (I haven't spoken to them yet so not sure

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Yes, I have heard of the tuck surgery and, in fact, one of my puppy owners did have it done with a puppy that I bred.  And it worked out just fine.

That said, your puppy is only 8 months old so I'd just keep posting andnot worry about additional surgery yet.  I kept a brother of the puppy I mentioned above, and I posted his one ear until he was around 17 months old.  Sometimes it just takes a long time.  I also supplemented the one I kept with glucosamine and vitamin C.  Some people think that helps.