Floppy tip at 23 months old

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Hi all, 

Hope everyone is well and safe in the unchartered waters we are facing with Covid-19.

I am new to the forum and I am seeking some advice about Kobe's ears. We are based in London, so had him imported from abroad in Septemebr 2018 and therefore don't have much support here.

Kobe has quite a long crop and we have been using breathe right strips on the tips of his ears for around 8 months. Around 10-15 minutes after taking the breathe right strips out, his ears are up (see image 1)  however after this time period the left one curves inwards(see image 2), sometimes even up to a 90 degrees bend. 

Kobe will be 2 years old on the 28th May 2020. Have we missed the boat to start reposting his ears again with backer rod? In your opinions, do you think this could ever be corrected?

Thanks in advance for any support/suggestions. 







I would keep using the breathe rite strips.  He looks to have heavy ear leather, and it just may take a really long time.  Don't give up yet, and don't let the ear flop like that for any longer than it takes to put another strip on.