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Hi guys. Got a question. Last Friday I took Andre to the vet to have his ears re-posted. I haven't had good success at home doing it myself, lol! So, I decided to just keep going to the vet to have them posted every week. His ears were for the most part exactly how I wanted them except one ear was not straight like the other one and had a slight arc to it, but didn't look bad, so we decided to post one more time. Well, anyway...the vet wasn't there and the tech and an assistant took him in the back and posted his ears and brought him back out and we left.  Well today I took them down and I'm horrified to see that the one that had a slight arc now has, like, a crease starting in the opposite direction and the ear wants to fold inside out over the top of his head and the other ear is now leaning in over the top of his head instead of being straight up like it was. They were looking so good and were almost there, just wanted to work on that one ear that had a slight arc to get it nice and straight like the other one. Now they are messed up :( Is this problem fixable, can we get them back straight like they were? Did this happen because of a bad posting job, or did it just happen? Please help, I don't understand why this happened. His ears were looking so good! What do I do? He's going in to be seen by the vet tomorrow and I will be discussing the matter with him also, but wanted your input as well. Thanks guys!

BTW: His ears have been down since 9am this morning. Didn't know if that would be important to know or not.

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The one that is leaning inward is very fixable... while the other one sounds like it's developing a pocket. I suggest posting yourself as soon as possible. If the vets not there, do it yourself... you will do a lot better than these techs. It sounds like they have no clue what they are doing. 

I don't know where you live, but you might be better off trying to find a breeder or experienced Doberman owner in your area to help you. 


It is most likely fixable.

Thanks for the advice Wolfgirl and Fitzmar. I'm so glad you think it's fixable! The vet who was helping me was excellent and he is the one who had posted Andre's ears since I got him from the breeder and had them looking great, minus the one time I tried and epically failed, lol. His tech on the other hand did not do such a stellar job. I'm in Findlay, OH and don't have a knowledgeable breeder in my area. I went to South Bend, IN to get Andre which is 2 1/2 hrs from me. A little to far to drive to get help posting, lol. I've only lived here for about 6 months so I don't really know anyone, much less an experience Dobe owner :(  I think that if the vet is not going to be in, I'll either schedule for a day he will be there or try to do it again myself. I'll keep y'all posted on how things turn pun intended, LOL!

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It doesn't have to be a Doberman breeder.  Join some boxer and/or great Dane boards/groups and ask if there is anyone in the area willing to help you post. 

FWIW, ears can go through every horrendous stage you can imagine and still turn out just fine in the long run.  (Kinda like how I assured you that the first ear issue you were fretting about was probably a non-issue, too.)

@Glengate: That's a good idea. I might have to do that. Thanks for your adcive. I took Andre to the vet yesterday to have the ears posted again and Dr. Brad was there and I spoke with him about my concerns and he was very kind and said that it is a very fixable problem and he thinks we will be for the most part done posting after this. He said we may have to post a few more times sporadically as Andre goes through the teething stage and fast growth stage which he is quickly approaching. Dr. Brad said it is a good sign that Andre's ears are standing on their own at this point before he goes through teething and rapid growth.

I don't mean to fret or freak out about "non-issues", but this posting thing is all new to me and I've seen the pictures and read the horror stories of people who didn't post correctly or long enough and then get less than accptable results or the ears just don't stand at all. I don't want to be one of those people. I'm glad there are people here on GD who are willing to offer advice to us posting newbies :)